What are some of the best ways to take the blend?
What does it taste like?
What time should I have it?
Do you have a nutrient breakdown?
Where is it made? And where do the ingredients come from?
Is the level of iodine in the kelp safe for me to have alongside my prenatal?
Do I take the blend on top of my current prenatal vitamins, or does this replace it?
Is The Mother’s Blend all I need before, during and after my pregnancy?
I'm a little nauseous, will I be able to take it?
 Is the blend only suitable for Mothers and Prenatal women?
 Is the level of Vitamin A safe for me to have in pregnancy?
I've been told not to consume Liver during pregnancy, what's the deal?
How much choline is in the Mother’s Blend and is it enough to support me throughout my pregnancy?
 Is the blend a good source of B Vitamins and Folate?
Does The Mothers Blend contain Folic Acid?
I have MTHFR genetic mutation, is the Folate in the blend safe for me to take?
 Is The Mothers Blend high in histamine?
 I have a thyroid condition, is the blend safe for me to take?
Can I take The Mother’s Blend alongside my medication? i.e. Thyroxine. 
I’m wanting to introduce the blend to my children's diet but they are fussy, any tips?
Can I give my children both cod liver oil and the Children’s Blend, or is this too much Vitamin A?
My child is low in iron, how much does the iron content differ from The Mother’s Blend and The Children’s Blend? Should I be giving them The Mother’s Blend if it has more iron?
How do the overall nutrient levels of The Children’s Blend differ from The Mother’s Blend? 
 Why does The Children’s Blend contain elderberry?
My child is super run down and keeps getting sick, can I give them an extra dose?