Frequently Asked Questions

No once-a-day dose of anything will provide you absolutely everything you need on this journey. You may have personal nutrient deficiencies that need more careful nurturing, but everyone should consume an abundance of real foods throughout this time, the Mothers Blend was created with this in mind.

Whilst we often just use a spoon, water and the blend to roughly mix it in a glass and guzzle, I understand some of you want to make sure it is completely emulsified - and this is totally possible! Because the blend is free from chemical emulsifiers (eg soy lecithin), the blend will need a little help to completely mix in water, and the following quick and easy methods help you do just that. 

If you are very nauseous or fussy, you could use a juice instead of water. Whilst to me and many the beetroot juice makes for a sweet taste, organic, pure apple, orange or pineapple juice would be so, so delicious!

Add your dose to any jar (however we love using a leftover clean Foraged jar) along with just a ¼ - ½ cup of water or juice. Shake, shake, shake! It will completely emulsify and is like having a juice with zero pulp. Guzzle this down and continue with your day.Blitz the dose and ¼-½ cup of water in your blender just for a few seconds. It will also be completely emulsified just like a pure juice.Combine the dose with a very small amount of water and turn it into apaste-like consistency using a spoon. Once it forms apaste, add a little more water and it again will be fully emulsified. Guzzle!Add it into a smoothie or smoothie bowl. There is a recipe on our Instagram feed , that includes foods like strawberry or blueberry, some frozen bananas, coconut cream, coconut milk or coconut yogurt, pure grass fed collagen powder, cucumber and zucchini.Blueberry (or any berry!) gummies! This recipe is also on our Instagram feed. Gelatine capsules. Whilst this might seem tedious, reports have been that it is super easy and can be worthwhile for those that are very nauseous. You can get gelatine capsules from a health food store or chemist, and just spoon it in. It seems obvious, but just make sure that depending on the size of your capsules, you have the correct dose for you.

This is best asked of your preferred practitioner! Many women take the blend alongside a prenatal or other supplements, and some women are comfortable taking the blend independently. This is totally dependent on your diet, lifestyle and personal philosophies. It is always best to do your own research, speak with your practitioner, and make the most informed and personalised decision for you!

We’ve been there, we feel you. Everyone is a little different when it comes to the taste, and we’ve received feedback from those who love it, and those who say it’s a little difficult to take those tougher days. If you are struggling, you can sneak Mothers into juice, smoothies, bliss balls, empty capsules or anything else! Just remember to keep it raw and never heat it.

No! Whilst it has been developed with mummas in mind, and the ingredients have been included in amounts that are safe to those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, ultimately The Mothers Blend  food! And it can be beneficial to anyone that tolerates the ingredients, including men!

The most prominent flavour in the blend is Beetroot! Although you will get hints of the other ingredients in the blend as well. 

There is no right or wrong here! The best time to take the blend is the time that suits your lifestyle the most.

Yes! WE have had some nutrients tested and the metrics can be found on our ingredients page. Please keep in mind that all of these nutrients are 100% from food! The Mothers Blend contains no synthetic nutrients.

The Mothers Blend is manufactured in a facility in Brisbane Australia. Ingredients are sourced from parts of the world they originate from, or are found to be the highest quality. You can find more info on our ingredients here.

Generally, women are told to avoid consuming large amounts of Liver during pregnancy because it is high in Vitamin A Retinol. We're advised against consuming too much Vitamin A during pregnancy, but certainly not to avoid it all together.  Vitamin A is critical for the healthy development of the fetus, such as the development of many organs including the eyes, lungs, heart and kidneys. Vitamin A deficiency poses a risk to both Mother and Baby

For pregnant women aged 19 - 30 the Recommended Dietary Intake of Vitamin A during pregnancy is 800 mcg per day, and the Upper Level of Intake is 3,000 mcg per day. Those levels are slightly higher than those of a woman of the same age who is not pregnant. You can see those recommendations and other information about Vitamin A here.

One 7.5 g serve of The Mothers Blend contains a very small amount of Liver. The Vitamin A delivered in one serve is 630 mcg - this makes up around 78% of the RDI. As always, please consult your preferred practitioner for complete and personalised advice around this topic.

No! Folic Acid is the synthetic form of Folate, and The Mothers Blend does not contain any synthetics whatsoever. Many of the ingredients in the blend are naturally high in Folate, you can find the Folate levels here.

The Mothers Blend has been tested and is considered ‘low histamine’. The fermentation process is in a controlled environment rather than being a ‘wild ferment’, which also makes for a lower histamine product. So far those sensitive to histamines have tolerated the blend quite well, including Sheridan!

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