Certified organic, probiotic-rich, real food blends meticulously crafted with a selection of some of the world's most nutrient-dense and fermented foods curated by Australian Nutritionist, Sheridan Austin. We want to support you as much as we can with the required nutrients that are often otherwise missed in their original form, the food source. These blends can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, though specific dosages and offerings are for those journeying before, during, and after pregnancy, and children of all ages.

Introducing The Mothers Blend




I don’t think I have enough good things to say about this blend, my husband is a vegetarian and 3 months ago had such low levels of iron and B12 that I insisted he start taking your blend. He honestly didn’t care about the liver since you can’t taste it and in 3 months his levels are better than normal! My pregnancy and postpartum have been a dream and I’m sure it’s because I took this blend throughout. Thank you, thank you, thank you for it!!!

Samantha Martin

Honestly, the Mothers Blend is amazing! I’m only 9 weeks pregnant and have felt terrible the first 6/7 weeks. Just soooo lethargic and cranky. I’ve been on the blend now for 2 weeks now and I don’t even really feel like I am pregnant anymore. I have so much more energy. I feel so much better. THANK YOUUUUU!!

Annie Saether
Portland USA

I was at my wits end with feeling crappy, depleted and having a raging nervous system so after reading all the rave reviews and following for a very long time, I bit the bullet and golly gosh am I glad I did! I’m on day 8 of the Mothers Blend and I feel insanely good. My anxiety has reduced tenfold, I am full of beans and I feel like my old self!

Keira Donaldson

No longer low in iron, I have loads of energy, I don’t slump in the arvo, I sleep well and I wake not feeling sluggish!

Karlina of Ina Wellbeing

I’m an absolute fan! I was so tired (9 weeks pregnant) that it hurt and since taking it I feel like me again. Cant stop raving about it to anyone that will listen.

Natalia Karacaoglu
Wellington, New Zealand

I took a blood test to check my Iron levels to compare pre-supplement and post, my Iron levels have increased threefold (from 32 to 90)! I haven't changed my diet drastically so I think it is the blend helping

Jess Ng

"Words cannot describe how amazing The Mothers Blend is. My periods have gone in and out for years and I've tried so many things to even out my hormones ... Within 2 months of taking the blend my period has come back naturally, and I feel so much better and more balanced"

Jaycze Powers
California USA

“ I recently ran out of this and had to have a blood test, my Iron levels had dropped significantly and so fast, it really does help. I've tried so many things for Iron over the years and this wins hands down! "

Kyarna Holloway
Sunshine Coast

"In my first trimester I really struggled with nausea, I couldn't keep anything down and I was feeling so depleted. The Mothers Blend literally gave me life, so thankful this exists"

Sharee Wonders
Noosa Queensland
Foraged Sheridan 12 Resized

"Isolated nutrients cannot deliver us their full potential. Where possible, nutrients should be taken in their whole state, their original source"