Foraged For You Gummies

Possibly THE most nutrient dense gummies on the planet // basically homemade vitamin pills!

Foraged For You Gummies

You absolutely want to get to know gelatine, as it’s one way of getting the amino acids that you will also find in collagen + bone broths. They make up the collagen in our body, support your immune system and detoxification, assist in the healing of your gut lining and skin, and support nail and hair strength and growth and so… much.. more.

But, why stop there when we can make them MORE nutrient dense by not only adjusting what we add to them but also HOW we make them! Whilst they are totally optional, you can add The Mothers Blend for a sneaky dose of nature’s beautifully packaged iodine, iron, vitamin C, probiotics and so much more, but also in times when you or your little darlings need enhanced immune support you can add liposomal vitamin C and/or quercetin for lowering histamine, slow down viral replication and lower inflammation. BOOM .

Take note:

  •  Avoid heating your fruits + nutrient bomb additions.
  • Avoid blending after you combine the melted gelatine and the fruit/juice/flavour mixture. Just gently stir it in, otherwise the blending of the gelatine will create bubbles that are impossible to get rid of.


1 1/2 cups water
1 cup mango OR berries (may use blueberry, strawberry or raspberry or a mixture of all)
4 tbsps gelatine
Optional sweetener to taste such as monk fruit, stevia, maple or honey. This isn’t recommended for bubbas, but you may enjoy them and as they get older they may like them sweeter!
Additional optional nutrient bombs // 1 tbsp of Foraged For You , liposomal vitamin C and/or quercetin


1. Blend 1 cup of water, your fruit, optional sweetener and nutrient bombs, and set aside.
2. Combine the gelatine and remaining 1/2 cup water, and melt down until you see no granules.
3. Pour the gelatine into the fruit mixture and stir through with a spoon. If you blend this, it will create foam/bubbles, so just stir through liberally with a spoon.
4. Pour into your choice of moulds, pop them in the fridge and allow a couple of hours to completely set. Slice, and enjoy!

Check out Sheridan's Instagram reel for how she makes them here.