How To Increase Your Milk Supply
If you are able to breastfeed, the experience can be a beautiful, bonding, powerful and helpful tool that allows you to positively support you and your bubbas physical, mental, emotional and immune system development. But… it can also be overwhelming, stressful, painful, and difficult - especially if your supply has dropped, if your milk isn’t coming in, or your baby requires more at varying stages of your journey. The good news is that with the right support, nutrition, and information, you can often increase your breast milk supply naturally.
Weaning Your Baby & How To Support You Both

Is your baby beginning to wean themselves from breastmilk, or, are you ready to wean your baby off breast milk? We all know that during pregnancy, nutrient-dense foods are a must. This is also true for the breastfeeding period, including when you’re weaning off your baby.

We often focus on the struggles of breastfeeding itself but weaning can be just as difficult, wreaking havoc on your hormones, and therefore leading to some unexpected and sometimes unpleasant symptoms and emotions! By ensuring you have the right nutrient support you can at least ease the transition for both you and your bub.