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The Mothers Blend Custom Resized 1800x

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100% Organic fermented blend powder (red lentils, camu camu, broccoli, chlorella, folate, spinach, pepitas, beetroot, molasses), organic beetroot juice powder, organic freeze dried grass fed and free range beef liver powder, organic Atlantic kelp powder, sweetener (naturally occuring organic steviol glycoside within stevia powder).

Free from artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, synthetics or preservatives. All natural, no GMO ingredients.

Made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Is The Mothers Blend all I need before, during and after my pregnancy?

No once-a-day dose of anything will provide you absolutely everything you need on this journey. You may have personal nutrient deficiencies that need more careful nurturing, but everyone should consume an abundance of real foods throughout this time, the Mothers Blend was created with this in mind.

What are some of the best ways to take the blend?

Whilst we often just use a spoon, water and the blend to roughly mix it in a glass and guzzle, I understand some of you want to make sure it is completely emulsified - and this is totally possible! Because the blend is free from chemical emulsifiers (eg soy lecithin), the blend will need a little help to completely mix in water, and the following quick and easy methods help you do just that.

If you are very nauseous or fussy, you could use a juice instead of water. Whilst to me and many the beetroot juice makes for a sweet taste, organic, pure apple, orange or pineapple juice would be so, so delicious!

Add your dose to any jar (however we love using a leftover clean Foraged jar) along with just a ¼ - ½ cup of water or juice. Shake, shake, shake! It will completely emulsify and is like having a juice with zero pulp. Guzzle this down and continue with your day.Blitz the dose and ¼-½ cup of water in your blender just for a few seconds. It will also be completely emulsified just like a pure juice.Combine the dose with a very small amount of water and turn it into apaste-like consistency using a spoon. Once it forms apaste, add a little more water and it again will be fully emulsified. Guzzle!Add it into a smoothie or smoothie bowl. There is a recipe on our Instagram feed , that includes foods like strawberry or blueberry, some frozen bananas, coconut cream, coconut milk or coconut yogurt, pure grass fed collagen powder, cucumber and zucchini.Blueberry (or any berry!) gummies! This recipe is also on our Instagram feed. Gelatine capsules. Whilst this might seem tedious, reports have been that it is super easy and can be worthwhile for those that are very nauseous. You can get gelatine capsules from a health food store or chemist, and just spoon it in. It seems obvious, but just make sure that depending on the size of your capsules, you have the correct dose for you.